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Let us guess, you've got a line down again, and even though you have multiple production lines that all use 10" rotary valves, you can't swap one or use a spare from any other line because...they are different OEMs and they don't fit. Really? They're all the same size though right? Wrong.


Each OEM may carry a 10" valve but guess what? They specifically make it a different height so no other valve can take its place so you HAVE to go back to the original OEM for replacements & spares. Running up your inventory and getting pressure from the brass to lower your spending. You would if you could, right?

Rotary Airlock's Cross-Fit is the answer.​ ​

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Rotary Airlock is the only manufacturer who can take 3 different OEM models with the same bore size and engineer, and successfully produce a replacement valve that fits all 3 heights. With a Rotary Airlock Model and pan head-mounted flange adapters, we can customize your airlocks to fit all of your production lines without running up your inventory and providing the convenience of swapping valves in down lines in a matter of minutes, or hours instead of days or weeks.


We even provide the drive and speed switch in case your lines run at different RPM so you can adjust your valve to operate specifically for you and your application. ​

Break free of the stranglehold of the other OEMs and give us a call today at (815) 564-1729.


With Rotary Airlock, it'll be YOUR airlock solution. Guaranteed.



Different valves, multiple bearings, additional packing sizes, that can't be swapped between OEMs, or...

1 Valve for Multiple OEMs  |  1 Bearing Style  |  1  Seal Solution

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