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SDO-120 Ethanol.png

Rotolok Drop-In Replacement

SDO-120 | Ethanol

Outfitted with our ET Standard package, the SDO-120 handles the heavy corrosion and ​wear in Ethanol production with ease and strength.

Engineered to handle even the most strenuous and corrosive applications, the SDO-120 is configured so you won't have to worry about those cracked & broken braces any longer. Constructed from 304L Stainless and NEVER cast, Rotary Airlock Valves are made right here in America with quality & reliability with your Ethanol application at the forefront of its design.


304L Stainless Steel Housing, Endcaps, & Rotor, conquer corrosion no matter the application.

A proprietary MAP Seal System means changing seals IN-LINE in less than 15 minutes.

Carbon Steel and NEVER cast means NEVER experiencing cracked & broken braces on your end-caps again.


304L Stainless Steel Housing, Shaft, End-Caps, & Rotors

Proprietary Outboard MAP Seal System

Piloted Flange Bearings

Safety Standard Direct Drive

High Temp & I-Alert Ready

Valves with this type of configuration should be in every Ethanol plant, everywhere.
Zach B. - Illinois

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