The NFPA broadcasts their guidelines in book or .pdf format for purchase. These are really wordy with a ton of peoples names that are useless to you and full of legal jargon. Worse yet you have to pay for it.


We have provided a FREE guideline of ALL of the DIRECT measures to make sure you're airlocks are operating with-in the NFPAs Code.


How do I know if my valves are NFPA Compliant?

If you find that you are not in compliance not to worry.


We have the knowledge & expertise to reconstruct your existing airlocks to comply with NFPA-69 guidelines or fabricate a completely new custom airlock for your system that fits within those guidelines.


What If I'm Not In Compliance?

Absolutely Not! Rotary Airlock can, and has, engineered and reconstructed ALL makes & models of airlocks to be NFPA compliant across all industries.


So you'll get YOUR airlock, the way YOU deserve without gouging your budget.


Do I Really Have To Buy Whole New Airlocks?

Last year in the US alone large-loss fires (those with over $10 Million in losses) resulted in 52 deaths, 233 injuries, and an estimated $12.5 billion in direct property losses.


Don't let the loss of those dollar signs and, more importantly, the loss of those human lives land at your feet.


Why Do I Need To Be NFPA Compliant?


We are the ONLY 1-off airlock manufacturer in the world. No matter the industry or application we have YOUR airlock solution. Guaranteed.


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