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Direct Drives Only...

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to swap those 'thorn in your side' chain drive valves straight to direct drives in no time. In this post we’ll share the capital project plan by Rotary Airlock with the safety & maintenance conscious Ajinomoto Group and how they are creating a whole new Master Class working experience that's driving World Class Profits.

Hands Off!

We usually hear that coming from our Wife's mouth when it comes to sneaking a piece of her dreamy Carrot Cake before supper. This time however it was the VERY serious mindset of the Ajinomoto Group when it came to their airlocks.

Ajinomoto was very clear. They wanted to eliminate safety and maintenance hazards. We mean ELIMINATE, like disintegrate their existence as if they were the target of Thanos at a open mic poem reading (snap, not clap....get it?).

Terrible jokes aside, Ajinomoto was adamant on their 'No Touch' approach. If there was going to be any work done with a valve, it was going to be pulled and replaced with an upgrade. Simple as that. No more chains to be repaired, no more sprockets with broken teeth to be replaced. No more tons of inventory weighing down their budgets. If it needed work, it needed to go.

The OEM doesn't offer that. What?!

Now you would think Ajinomoto wanting to upgrade and replace ALL of their valves to the safest possible model would be a task their original OEM would be happy to offer. To Ajinomoto's shock their original OEM's didn't offer a conversion to Direct Drive valves (literally the industry's safety standard). Actually most OEM's don't. Since they are in the business of selling valves for SYSTEMS not for APPLICATIONS, the Direct Drive conversion doesn't fit into their business model. So Ajinomoto was stuck with their OEM's limited options (that definitely were not safety conscious).

This is where Rotary Airlock offered what they needed, instead of just what they had.

20 Valves And Counting.

With 25 years of experience under their belts Rotary Airlock approached Ajinomotos Capital Project like they always do, by putting the customer first. By working directly with the Ajinomoto team Rotary Airlock was able to evaluate their concerns and layout the road map, costs, and timeline to accomplish their dreams of Pull, Plug & Play their entire fleet of valves. Rotary Airlock was the ONLY OEM who even offered the possible of achieving their goals.

With this dream a possibility now. Ajinomoto set an initial project with Rotary Airlock. Rotary Airlock engineered, upgraded, tested, and provided 11 Kwik-Clean Valves ALL WITH Direct Drive options. Just what Ajinomoto was after. The configuration on the valves ELIMINATED the need for those additional parts, lubricants, and overall inventory. Meaning increased profits, standard maintenance across the board, which meant shorter training and onboarding needed for staff AND Reduced safety hazards to a minimum, and even prolonged the running life of their airlocks.

Now Rotary Airlock has completed over 20 valves and counting. All because they focused on the people instead of the product. By listening, engaging, and collaborating with Ajinomoto, Rotary Airlock set to provide the Safest Solution Possible specifically for Ajinomoto and has continued to upgrade all their valves to Direct Drives and with a Maintenance Dream configuration. If Rotary Airlock can be the Aspirin for one customers headache, I wonder what they can do for yours?

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