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for ANY Ethanol


SDO-71 Valve
(Replaces KICE Valves)

for ANY Ethanol


SDO-120 Valve
(Replaces ROTOLOK Valves)



If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times, other OEMs build their valves to fit

their SYSTEMS not to fit your APPLICATION. The ethanol industry gets hit with the brute

honesty of this statement more than most. No matter what type of system you have,

corrosion, failed seals, and broken braces are a constant struggle the Ethanol Industry



​Some original valves see SO MUCH corrosion they may as well be a chute. These same

valves are configured with product facing seals that CONSTANTLY fail, and fail, and fail.

Why would you provide a valve, cast from the wrong material for the application, and with

seals that are explicitly designed for industries other than ethanol?


​Let's not forget the chemical processes of ethanol being time and environment-sensitive,

have NO ROOM for downtime. So why do some Ethanol valves have lead times that are

MONTHS!, and that's for the same FAILED configuration!

A Cut Above the Rest

Rotary Airlock has specifically poured their efforts into alleviating the struggles the Ethanol industry faces. We have engineered, tested, and implemented hundreds of valves SPECIFICALLY for ethanol applications.

With all-new stainless steel rotors, stainless steel wear plates, and chrome housings, corrosion NEVER stands a chance.

We even replace those product facing seals and give you nothing short of the industry's Master Class outboard seal & flange bearing where both can be changed IN-LINE in less than 15 minutes. Rotary Airlock's Ethanol Package applied to your valve makes it truly a Master Class valve all it's own. So when it comes to expert knowledge, the right products, and correct application, there is only one choice, Rotary Airlock, especially when it comes to ethanol.

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Corrosion doesn't stand a chance.

Used in moderately corrosive applications and/or those designating a need for food-grade quality.

Corrosion-resistant 304L Stainless can be found throughout your entire valve but especially your rotor configuration. 

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Fully fabricated, NEVER cast. 

Our valves are fully fabricated for strength and reliability and never cast. 

So you won't have to worry about snapped braces, fractured housings, or cracked endcaps throwing your rotors our of spec. and destroying bearings.



Change seals & bearings, IN-LINE.

In less than 15 minutes, you can change our proprietary MAP Seal and piloted flange bearing all In-Line.

No need to pull an airlock means less downtime, less labor, and more product & profit for your bottom line.



Made right here in the heart of USA.

We are an American company, providing for American families.

Located here in the heart of the USA, we know how important quality and reliability are, as well as lead times so quick we want them to have their own express lane.

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