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  • ABOUT US | Rotary Airlock LLC

    ENGINEERING YOUR NEEDS FOR ALMOST 25 YEARS! At Rotary Airlock LLC, our mission began in 1995 with a simple notion: to provide quality airlock solutions with unmatched customer service. With a history in tooling and steel fabrication, we had the unrivaled experience & resources to help solve unique airlock problems with custom solutions. ​ Now, almost 25 years later, we have over 40,000 airlocks under our belt. We have fabricated and reconstructed every line of airlocks since the first day, and we know what makes them fail and what precise innovation not only provides the solution but even extends the life of your airlock. With our teams' knowledge & experience, we have YOUR airlock solution. Guaranteed.

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  • YOUR VALVE | Rotary Airlock LLC | Rotary Valve | Sterling, IL 61081

    LET'S UPGRADE YOUR VALVE ​ Our upgrades are designed SPECIFICALLY for you and your application. Saving you downtime, extending maintenance cycles, and making your processes safer. In other words, saving you money. ​ Find out how Rotary Airlock makes YOUR Master Class Valve. 01 01 TAKE YOUR OEM VALVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL Unlike the other OEMs who build your valve to fit the SYSTEM you have, Rotary Airlock has designed, engineered, tested, and implemented upgraded valves that are constructed SPECIFICALLY for your process. From 316L Stainless, AR500 wear plates, and 17-4 Shafting to name a few, we have YOUR upgrade, no matter your application or industry. ​ Here are just some of the industries we've worked with over the last 25 Years... AND MANY MORE... 02 THE INDUSTRY'S STRONGEST HOUSINGS 02 Unlike the other OEMs who mass cast their housing with cheap steel to save the bottom line, Rotary Airlock puts you the customer first and builds our airlocks right here in America from hardened steel. MILD STEEL This is the base material for almost all standard and non-corrosive applications. 304L Stainless Steel This is the base material for moderately corrosive applications and those designating a need for food-grade quality. 316L Stainless Steel This is the base material for severely corrosive applications and those designating a need for food-grade quality. Both AR400 & AR500 are used in the production of Housing Liners as well 03 03 YOUR ROTOR, THE RIGHT WAY At Rotary Airlock, we implement your EXACT configuration for your application. Every rotor configuration and material is individually analyzed, welded, inspected, and tested. From an Open Rotor w/Fixed vanes to a Closed Rotor w/Adjustable Tips, we work directly with you, your engineers, and your maintenance teams to ensure a Master Class configuration just for you. ROTOR CONFIGURATION OPEN ROTOR | FIXED VANES This rotor plan is standard across almost all AIRLOCK configurations. CLOSED ROTOR | FIXED VANES This rotor plan is standard across almost all gravity FEEDER configurations. CLOSED ROTOR | ADJUSTABLE TIPS This rotor plan is recommended by Rotary Airlock for SPECIFIC/CUSTOM configurations . *Not usually suggested across most industries but is available. Approximately 1-1 .5 degree vane angle that is recommended for applications with force filled pockets that helps aid in the separation of bulk material as it is introduced into the valve CANTED VANES | 1-1 .5 VANE CONFIGURATION Approximately 5-5 .5 degree vane angle that is not readily used but is available for specific/custom configurations. HELICAL VANES | 5-5 .5 VANE MATERIAL MILD STEEL This is the base material for almost all standard and non-corrosive applications. 304L Stainless Steel This is the base material for moderately corrosive applications and those designating a need for food-grade quality. 316L Stainless Steel This is the base material for severely corrosive application sand those designating a need for food-grade quality. AR400 | PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK This is the base material that is specialty steel designed at the chemical level for improved wear resistance for specific applications. AR stands for Abrasion Resistant . AR500 | PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK This is the base material that is specifically for applications requiring superior wear resistance and will ordinarily outlast other steel grades. AR500 steel is heat-treated to exhibit thorough-hardening, improved forming, and welding capabilities. SHAFT MATERIAL MILD STEEL This is the shaft material recommended for almost all standard, non-abrasive, and non-corrosive applications. 4140 This is the shaft material recommended for moderate to severely abrasive applications and is especially recommended for resistance to wear in seal areas . 304L Stainless Steel This is the shaft material recommended for moderately corrosive applications and those designating a need for food-grade quality. 316L Stainless Steel This is the shaft material recommended for severly corrosive applications and those designating a need for food-grade quality. 17-4 Stainless Steel | PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK This is the shaft material recommended for applications requiring moderate to high torsion strength and moderate to severely c orrosive applications. 2205 Stainless stell | PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK This is the shaft material recommended for applications requiring high to severe torsion strength and moderate to severely corrosive applications. BEVEL CONFIGURATION TIPS Bevel configurations are recommended for applications with a product that could cause binding or carry difficulty with releasing. The configuration that is recommended is based on the type of product within your application. *All configurations are available in Standard or Knife Edge Bevels. SIDES TIPS & SIDES BRACING CONFIGURATION Bracing is recommended on very specific applications. Most vane configurations do not require bracing but those applications with larger aggregate style product particles may find the added support from bracing to be beneficial. This is usually a specific/custom recommendation. 04 Webbing configurations provide a maximized sealing surface with the added protection for your seal area needed for your application thus combining the benefits of an open & closed rotor configuration. WEBBING CONFIGURATION 04 BEARINGS & SEALS Are you tired of failed bearings, blown seals, and an OEM who won't adapt your design to make your life easier and more efficient? That's exactly where Rotary Airlock steps in and delivers what you NEED instead of what we HAVE. We can upgrade your valves to a single bearing, single seal, and single end-cap configuration so your maintenance is the same no matter the Model. With some systems dropping maintenance times to less than 15 minutes! BEARING & SEAL UPGRADES PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK | MAP SEAL UPGRADE This Out-Board seal upgrade uses a combination of loaded lip seals and double lip seals to create a unique barrier of protection from product migration. We also implement a purgeable bearing providing you a longer-lasting product you can maintain in-line. GPS Upgrade GLS Upgrade This In-Board seal upgrade extends the life of your airlock by protecting the bearing from foreign product and reduces product migration into the atmosphere. Take the possible 4-6 hours of downtime & extensive labor to replace an airlock seal, and cut it to less than 15 minutes! ​ With Rotary Airlocks Proprietary Mechanical Aerated Polymer Seal System (MAP Seal) there is absolutely ZERO need to pull an airlock or strip off any end-caps. ​ You save time, labor, and lost profits. Simply disengage the MAPS Housing Cap to access the seal directly and replace the MAP Seal in-line quickly & efficiently, getting you back up and running as fast as possible. BEARING OPTIONS FLANGE BEARING TAPERED ROLLER BEARING GREASABLE BEARING INSERT SEALED BEARING SEAL OPTIONS MAP SEAL | PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK Take the possible 4-6 hours of downtime & extensive labor to replace an airlock seal, and cut it to less than 15 minutes!! With Rotary Airlocks Proprietary Mechanical Aerated Polymer Seal System (MAP Seal) there is absolutely ZERO need to pull an airlock or strip off any end-caps. You save time, labor, and lost profits. Simply disengage the MAPS Housing Cap to access the seal directly and replace the MAP Seal in-line quickly & efficiently, getting you back up and running as fast as possible. LIP SEAL The use of lip seals extends the life of your airlock by protecting the bearing from foreign product and reduces product migration into the atmosphere. This is accomplished with a Single, Double, or Loaded Lip Seal (Poly Pac). This can be customized to your individual application. ROPE PACKING We use Four types of packing depending on your application and compliance requirements. Standard (Yellow), High Temp (Graphite), Food Grade (White), and Custom (Colors Vary). 05 SPECIALIZED COATINGS & TIPPING 05 With the right coatings, our valves can handle anything from Highly Abrasive material to Sticky & Viscous products. With Rotary Airlock having the ONLY USDA Compliant coating too you can rest assured your sanitary or food processing is in the right hands. HARD CHROME We suggest this coating for moderately abrasive and mildly corrosive applications. (ex. Wheat screenings, some mild aggregates, ethanol production, etc...) Boasting a 62 - 69 Rockwell hardness rating. PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK | TRI-ALLOY We suggest this coating for severely abrasive applications. (ex. Fly Ash, Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Some Gypsum, Asphalt, etc...) Boasting a 72 + Rockwell hardness rating. *Often used in conjunction with rotors tipped with Stellite #6 PROPRIETARY TO ROTARY AIRLOCK | ENB We suggest this USDA compliant lubricity coating for viscous/sticky product that can be applied to all internal surfaces to aid in product release. TIPPING Stellite #6 This tipping finish is an added option of strength and wear resistance for many mild, moderate, and severely abrasive applications ​ *Although not restricted to abrasive applications it is the most common recommendation. READY TO UPGRADE YOUR VALVE? GIVE US A CALL, WE WORK ON THEM ALL! (815) 626-0388

  • ETHANOL | Rotary Airlock | United States

    ETHANOL SPECIFIC VALVE? Rotary Airlock has been working within the Ethanol Industry for years and we've seen the struggles ethanol companies and their maintenance teams have faced over and over again with their valves. ​ With this experience we collaborated with of our customers, maintenance teams, process engineers, and our engineering team, to design, test, and implement a Package specifically formulated for the Ethanol Industry to alleviate those struggles and headaches. ​ Touting a Housing and End-Cap configuration of 304L Stainless Steel, and Wear-Plates paired with an Open, Fixed or Adjustable 304L Stainless Steel Vanes, aboard a 304L Stainless Steel Shaft, there is no part of a valve that wasn't inspected and engineered to excel within the Ethanol Industry. ​ ​ DISCOVER MORE HOW WE DO IT. We offer an exact drop-in replacement or we can convert your original OEM valve. ​ Depending on your choice above determines just what work we do, so t ake a look at the slide-decks to see the steps we take during each process. ​ ​ ​ *or download the .PDF of those slides below DROP-IN VALVE Download .PDF CONVERT OEM Download .PDF - Aug 22, 2019 3 min . . .Especially Ethanol. 709 WHO WE'VE HELPED It may sound a little crazy but we work ourselves out of work. That is to say, we have provided Ethanol specific updates and solutions to hundreds of clients and they work so well they continue to run their valve today. ​ We believe this is the right way to do business. We provide value to you our clients and treat every situation, product, and solution as if it were being made for us. READ MORE

  • Exchange Program | Rotary Airlock LLC

    THE ROTARY AIRLOCK DIFFERENCE FARMING & AG EXCHANGE PROGRAM Your fields and harvest won’t wait. Take advantage of Rotary Airlock’s Exchange Program and reduce your downtime. We have hundreds of manufactured airlocks available. We welcome you to drop off your worn core and pick up your new unit at our facility all in one transaction. If travel is an issue, we’ll have a new unit shipped. 25 Years of Farming Innovation. Precision Machining Unmatched Engineering Master Class Materials REQUEST A QUOTE WHAT IS AN RAS™ VALVE? As for your core, we’ll make the shipping arrangements to pick it up at no cost to you. You can still purchase an airlock Ready-To-Ship right off our shelves or pick one up at our facility. ​ With Rotary Airlocks Exchange Program you're guaranteed to be up and running no matter your make or model. So purchase your exchange valve online today or give us a call at (815) 626-0388. HOW IT WORKS. . . We are here no matter how far you may be. If you want to make an in-person exchange you can call ahead and pull right up to our loading zone and our team will get your old valve unloaded and your new one set for your trip home. If you can't make it to our facility, no problem! We can ship your valve to you and we'll even take care of the details for picking up your old valve so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. JUST GIVE US A CALL... OUR TEAM MEMBER WILL GATHER SOME INFO FROM YOU... AND WE'LL SHIP YOUR VALVE TO YOU... THEN SIMPLY SWAP YOUR VALVES. WE'LL ARRANGE & PICK-UP YOUR OLD VALVE... WHEN WE RECIEVE IT, THAT'S IT! DON'T SEE YOUR OEM or SIZE? GIVE US A CALL, WE WORK ON THEM ALL! (815) 626-0388

  • Direct Drives | Rotary Airlock LLC | United States

    DIRECT DRIVE THE HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARD CLICK & DRAG HERE Your inventory & safety wingman. Eliminates or limits access to moving parts, lowering the possibilities of injury.​ ​ ZERO need for additional sprockets or parts, maximizing your inventory budget.​ REQUEST A QUOTE SEE INDUSTRY IN-DEPTH POST To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Without extensive access to moving parts like chain drive valves have, Direct Drives eliminate or limit possible hazard points thus lowering the possibilities of injury during operation and maintenance. With a Direct Drive, there is NO NEED for additional sprockets, chains, repair parts. . .well, you get the point. There's ZERO need to diminish your maintenance and inventory budgets. With Direct Drives keeping the costs from job site accidents out of the equation, and inventory down using Direct Drives ultimately increases your profits. Highest Safety Lowers Inventory Increases Profits HOVER HERE! MAXIMUM SAFETY & SAVINGS Combining the minimal access to moving parts & least inventory needed to maintain optimal performance, a Direct Drive is the perfect power source for a safe and cost savings operation. ADJUSTABLE Direct Drives can also be equipped with an RPM adjustment, allowing you the ability to fluctuate your flow rate of material. This truly gives you the power to control and adjust your production line the way you need it. CONFIGURATION We offer a direct drive for ANY rotary valve. Regardless of OEM, Model, & Size we have a direct drive for you even if the original equipment manufacturer doesn't offer one. ​ No matter your needs or space you're valve is operating in, we have a configuration and direct drive option specifically for you and your application.

  • NFPA-69 | Rotary Airlock LLC | United States

    NFPA-69 YOUR FIRE SAFETY STANDARD CLICK & DRAG HERE Fire safety at the core 8-Vane completely steel rotor* Ignition point removed entirely with outboard bearings Close Clearance configuration to quench any possible ignitions. REQUEST A QUOTE SEE INDUSTRY IN-DEPTH POST To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Rotary Airlock has engineered and developed NFPA Compliant Valves that exceed safety standards across all makes & models. With thick carbon steel housings that are hand-welded and individually inspected, you can rest assured your valves are built to withstand the pressure of a fire. ​ You won't find any rubber or plastic-tipped vanes either. Rotary Airlock's NFPA Valves contain at least 8 completely steel vanes instead of the non-compliant 6 or rubber-tipped vanes of some valves (primarily dust collectors). These completely steel vanes carry clearances no more than .0079in from the housing too. This NFPA compliant clearance suffocates a fire, quenching its oxygen supply and helping contain the flames, ultimately aiding extinguish it. ​ That's just the base of each model. Can we introduce you to a maintenance and compliance dream outboard seal & bearing system too? ​ Rotary Airlock's proprietary Rapid Access endcap configuration on NFPA compliant valves carries an outboard CLF Bearing System and Rotary Airlock's proprietary MAP Seal System . With this NFPA & Maintenance focused configuration, you can monitor and completely change seals & bearings In-L ine and in under 15 minutes so get the best of safety and convenience today. HOVER HERE! Completely Steel Rotor Ignition Point Removed Change Seals & Bearings In-Line With at least 8-Vanes, these rotors are completely steel, so standing up to the heat is a walk in the park. Then clearances under .079in these rotors help suffocate fires too, keeping them from spreading and aiding extinguish flames sooner. . With Rotary Airlock's CLF Bearing System, the Rapid Access endcap configuration has removed the ignition point from the equation entirely. ​ You can rest easy knowing your valves won't become a fire hazard. In less than 15 minutes, you can change our proprietary MAP Seal and CLF Bearing Systems In-Line . ​ No need to pull an airlock means less downtime, less labor, and more product & profit for your bottom line. PREMIER SAFETY OPTIONS THE ULTIMATE SAFETY VALVE. . . Those upgrades are just the base for every NFPA compliant valve Rotary Airlock manufactures. We have gone even further to offer Direct Drives for ANY make & model as well. This Plug-N-Play set-up is the industry safety standard that minimizes access to moving parts and alleviates additional parts & inventory requirements. It also requires less maintenance time & labor, thus saving your budget and ultimately increasing profits all while eliminating hazard points for you and your team. ​ YOUR DEFENSE AGAINST PLANT FIRES & DEFLAGS Starting with Rotary Airlocks premium construction standards, (American Sourced, carbon steel, hand-welded, full steel rotors & housing, with close clearance configurations, and maintenance geared outboard systems) , makes Rotary Airlocks NFPA compliant valves what the rest of the industry strive to be. SAFETY FIRST With so many valves (especially dust collectors) fabricated from foreign gauged rolled steel and containing rubber-tipped vanes (wiper blades), the safety of your plant and people needs to start right at the construction standards of your equipment. Here is a look at Rotary Airlocks NFPA compliant dust collector construction materials and thickness. Outboard CLF Bearing System 3/4" Carbon Steel Housing 5/8" Carbon Steel Endcaps Completely Steel Vanes Close Clearances (.0079 or less) WHY IT MATTERS With the dust collection system doing, well, precisely what it's supposed to, collecting dust, it becomes the perfect fuel for a plant fire or explosion. It's a system of highly flammable, well-ventilated material that has an express lane across a plant. Dust Collector valves within that system could play a significant role in containing a fire before it travels further down the line. All Dust Collectors are non-compliant because they have rubber-tipped vanes that can't withstand heat from a fire or contain an explosion. Let's not forget the housing. All Dust Collector housings have thin sheet steel that is bent into shape. These valves can't stand up against the pressure from an explosion, allowing a fire to expand and grow. All Dust Collectors have non-compliant inboard bearings. When a seal fails, it allows product to get to the bearing ultimately making the bearing fail too. Bearing failure can lead to metal-to-metal contact, leading to sparks. This turns a dust collector into a flint and tinderbox, sparking a fire with no obstacles to contain or extinguish it. IS YOUR PLANT AT RISK? PAY ATTENTION TO THESE PARTS. . . When a rotary valve needs repair or maintenance, resulting issues can create a fire risk. Leaking material, for instance, is a source of combustible dust. Strange noises can indicate product buildup or increased rotor clearance — a vital sign of a non-compliant valve. ​​ Worn-out or damaged parts can increase the risk of fires, deflagrations, or explosions in a plant. Keep a close eye on the following valve parts and equipment:​ ​ ​ ​ Rotor Vanes: Rotors should have a minimum of eight vanes. To keep flames contained within the rotor pockets, at least two vanes must stay in contact with the housing at all times. That means a six-vane rotor won’t do. The vanes must be at least 3 mm thick. ​ Rotor Tips: Rubber or plastic rotor vanes can’t withstand the heat of a deflagration, so make sure your rotor is equipped with steel vanes. (ie. Rubber Tipped Dust Collectors ARE NOT NFPA Compliant) ​​ Shaft Seals: Worn-down shaft seals often cause leaks, which increase the risk of fire as a source of combustible dust. Replace shaft seals and packing regularly to prevent the issue. ​ Dust Collector Filters: To prevent clogs and minimize issues with your dust collectors, including the buildup of combustible dust, keep extra filter bags or cartridges handy. ​ Long Radius Elbows: Conveying long radius elbows degrade faster than most other parts, and wear can lead to a drop of pressure and leaking material. It’s useful to keep extra elbows in stock to fix the problem. ​ Rotor-To-Housing Tolerance: Proper clearances are imperative in an NFPA-compliant valve. You must regularly check your valve’s rotor-to-housing clearances, or tolerances, to make sure they stay at 0.0079in. or below. If they get any larger than that, it’s time to replace the valve. STAYING SAFE PRECAUTIONS FOR YOUR PLANT Aside from regular repair and maintenance, you can take several precautions to ensure your rotary valves and conveying system comply with NFPA regulations. ​ On the valve side, the right outboard bearings will reduce material buildup (a fuel source) and prevent friction (a source of ignition). Rotary Airlocks CLF Bearing System removes the possibility of both. Proper shaft seal assemblies should reduce heat and static electricity.​ ​ It’s worth stocking up on the valve parts mentioned above to ensure you can quickly replace them when the time comes. ​ If you need an entirely new rotary valve, you should be looking at options that are NFPA compliant as a standard, and with construction standards that are NFPA compliant. Take a look at housing thickness and steel choices for example. 1/2" thick, American Sourced, Carbon Steel like what Rotary Airlock has a production standard for manufacturing all of our valves from, IS NFPA compliant. Gauged, Foreign Sourced, Rolled Steel that is prevalent in the industry is NOT . ​​ Always transport heat-sensitive bulk materials under appropriate temperature, humidity, and conveying gas conditions. Besides that, proper ventilation and regular plant housekeeping are critical. Make sure to stay on top of your preventative maintenance schedule and keep historical logs of everything you do. ​​​ ​ Rotary valves help or hinder your fire safety efforts, depending on how they’re made and maintained. It’s essential to understand how fires and deflagrations start in a manufacturing facility.​ Manufacturing and processing properties tend to be more prone to structural fires, and conveying systems are rife with combustible materials. Fires start when fuel, an oxidizer, and an ignition source come into contact with each other. Deflagrations are more complicated — and more dangerous.​ When a heat source moves over and ignites cold materials, it creates a form of combustion called deflagration. This is a fast-moving fire that can spread across manufacturing lines and consume more material as it progresses, creating a chain reaction that is difficult to contain.​ Key Components To Be Aware Of 5 Conditions that start a Deflagration: 1. Fuel, which comes in the form of combustible dust 2. An oxidizer, which often means too much oxygen in your system 3. An ignition source, such as friction or overheated material 4. Dust particles concentrated in one area 5. Dust particles confined to a small space The latter two may take the form of dust clouds in the air or on your machinery. ​ Rotary valves play a big part in controlling these conditions. They manage fuel and ignition sources and limit the amount of oxygen feeding the flames. In other words, when a fire breaks out, valves act as isolation devices to stop the spread of fire along your conveying line. That said, an NFPA compliant rotary valve has specific design and construction elements. It also needs regular maintenance and repair to keep it operating safely. To stay compliant, make sure your valve is outfitted with the right parts and watch for signs that your system needs attention. ​ If you have any questions or concerns with your valves and NFPA compliance contact Rotary Airlock at (815) 626-0388 or The NFPA broadcasts their guidelines in book or .pdf format for purchase. These are really wordy with a ton of people's names that are useless to you and full of legal jargon. Worse yet you have to pay for it. We have provided a FREE guideline of ALL of the DIRECT measures to make sure you're airlocks are operating within the NFPAs Code. ​ ​ Download guideline here How do I know if my valves are NFPA compliant? 1. If you find that you are not in compliance not to worry. We have the knowledge & expertise to reconstruct your existing airlocks to comply with NFPA-69 guidelines or fabricate a completely new custom airlock for your system that fits within those guidelines. What if I'm not in compliance? 2. Absolutely Not! Rotary Airlock can, and has, engineered and reconstructed ALL makes & models of airlocks to be NFPA compliant across all industries. So you'll get YOUR airlock, the way YOU deserve without gouging your budget. Do I really have to buy whole new valves? 3. Last year in the US alone large-loss fires (those with over $10 Million in losses) resulted in 52 deaths, 233 injuries, and an estimated $12.5 billion in direct property losses. Don't let the loss of those dollar signs and, more importantly, the loss of those human lives land at your feet. Why do I need to be NFPA compliant? 4.

  • NEW ROTARY VALVE | Rotary Airlock LLC

    The right tools for the job CLF BEARINGS DIRECT DRIVES MAP SEAL SYSTEM Change In-Line Locked Radially & Axially Shop now Change Seals In-Line USDA 3A Certified Shop now Available for ANY Make or Model Highest Safety & Maintenance Standard Shop now MAX IMUM ROTARY VA LVE PERFORMANCE Combining over 25 Years of innovations in design, maintenance, & efficiency, An RAS ™ Valve is a maintenance & production dream come true. THE DESIGN A perfect fit. The RAS ™ Valves are an EXACT drop-in replacement for your existing valve. ​ NO new flange pattern, NO moving equipment! ​ ​ MADE IN THE U . S . A . FROM AMERICAN STEEL ENGINEERING ALWAYS fabricated, NEVER cast, even from stainless steels such as 304 & 316L. SEALS CHANGED IN-LINE, NEVER pull a valve again to change seals & bearings with Rotary's proprietary Rapid Access Endcap & MAP Seal that can be changed in-line in under 15 Minutes CUSTOM ROTOR CONFIGURATION, designed specifically for your product & application. You get the valve you NEED , not just what fits. Precision Machining As industry expert s , our team delivers their years of experience with precise & detailed work. From simple facing to complex fabrications, our team's accuracy is a major advantage of working with Rotary Airlock. EVERY Make and Model We mean it. Rotary Airlock can offer a drop-in replacement, upgrade, and/or re-build services for ANY rotary valve. Even DIY ones. ​ With over 25 CNCs, Lathes, and other machinery, we have the ability to work on them all. Unmatched Engineering Unrivaled innovations , our team of engineers develop at every level of the fabrication process. ​ From OEM improvements, material choices, and operation efficiency, our valves engineering sets them in a Master Class all their own. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. As a company, Rotary Airlock delivers each valve with extreme confidence backed by experience. Our highly knowledgeable team has spent over 25 years building reputable valves within every industry. We understand the quality you and your team expect & deserve. With Rotary Airlock, it'll be YOUR airlock solution. Guaranteed! ADDITIONAL MODELS HOVER HERE! RAS™ VALVES TOP MODELS

  • Rotary Airlock LLC | Sterling, IL USA

    The industry's best. Made to be yours. Custom Solutions + Lowest Lifetime Cost Learn More Contact Us Every valve, built for you. ROTARY AIRLOCK SOLUTION (RAS)™ New | Drop-In Replacement See More Leaking Seals Is the inability to change sealing mechanisms while in operation due to their inconsistent lifespan, leading to the avoidance of maintenance? Our Solution Abrasion Is the premature wear due to vanes opening up clearances resulting in a shortened lifespan? Our Solution Lead-Time Are lead-times out of control? Down and in need of fast assistance? Our Solution Compliance Solutions Are there safety concerns related to NFPA compliance? Our Solution MAP Seal System Rotary Airlock's Proprietary & food safe seal system. Built with maintenance in mind this end cap configuration touts a piloted flange bearing and the strength of outboard bracing giving you plenty of clearance to access your seal system, both of which can be changed in-line with no need to pull the airlock. With this seal system, you'll never use any other seal again! MAP Seal AR400, AR500, RA-200 & TRI-ALLOY AR400, AR500, RA-200, and Tri-alloy are all abrasion-proof materials, each exhibiting exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and durability in the face of challenging environments. AR-400 AR-500 RA-200 TRI-ALLOY Abrsion Lead-Time Thanks to our rotary valves being American Made with American Steel and crafted by skilled American workers, we proudly maintain the industry's shortest lead times. Lead time Customized Solutions We provide tailored solutions, including Direct Drives, Inspection Doors, and Outboard Bearing Conversions, to meet your specific needs. Customized Solutions Seeking equipment standardization for streamlined training, maintenance, and reduced operational expenses? No other OEM offers Rotary Airlock's unique capabilities for fully standardizing ALL Rotary Valves, regardless of their original manufacturer. Rotary Airlock Standardizes ALL Valves Rotary Airlock specializes in tailored replacements, not just off-the-shelf options. We can standardize all your valves using a single bearing and seal style that perfectly suits your needs. YOUR PREMIER PERFORMANCE PACKA GES Industry Proven Solutions Discover More THE RV ADVANCED PACKA GE Industry Leading Configuration Shop now All Packages THE CR PRIME PACKA GE Corrosion's Met It's Match Shop now All Packages THE CLF BEARING Replace & Maintenance In-line Shop now THE MAP SEAL Replace In-line in < 10 min Shop now The right tools for the job INSPECTION DOORS DIRECT DRIVES NFPA 69 Available on ANY valve regardless of Make & Model Your valve, executed to meet or even exceed NFPA 69 Standards The Highest Safety & Maintenance Standard on ANY Make & Model Shop now Shop now Shop now PREMIUM STEELS We are the only OEM to offer Premium Steels ' Through-and-Through' , like AR400. Shop now PROPRIETARY COATINGS The most innovative and value-driven coatings for every industry. Shop now STANDARDIZE VALVES Standardize your entire fleet of rotary valves, reducing spare parts inventory, streamlining training, and simplifying maintenance. Shop now Anchor 1

  • Rotary Airlock LLC | Sterling, IL USA

    RESOURCES Looking for specifications or more detailed information on one of our valves? Browse through our selection of videos, .PDFs, and more. IOM Manual DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC I/O/M Manual (2021) DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC Rotary Valve Parts & Terminology (2022) BROCHURES & WHITEPAPERS DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC Company Brochure (2020) DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC Asphalt Brochure (2020) DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC Ethanol Brochure (2020) DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC NFPA Whitepaper DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC USDA Certification DOWNLOAD Rotary Airlock, LLC Line Card VIDEO GALLERY HOW-TO: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: SAFETY: EXCLUSIVE: BLOG & SOCIAL 3 min NFPA, FIRE CODE, OSHA. OH MY! 316 3 min . . .Especially Ethanol. 709 3 min Direct Drives Only... 451

  • ETHANOL SDO-120 | Rotary Airlock LLC

    Rotolok Drop-In Replacement SDO-120 | Ethanol Outfitted with our ET Standard package, the SDO-120 handles the heavy corrosion and ​wear in Ethanol production with ease and strength. ​ Engineered to handle even the most strenuous and corrosive applications, the SDO-120 is configured so you won't have to worry about those cracked & broken braces any longer. Constructed from 304L Stainless and NEVER cast, Rotary Airlock Valves are made right here in America with quality & reliability with your Ethanol application at the forefront of its design. ​ BUILD YOUR VALVE DOWNLOAD CUTSHEET SEE PHOTOS 304L Stainless Steel Housing, Endcaps, & Rotor, conquer corrosion no matter the application. A proprietary MAP Seal System means changing seals IN-LINE in less than 15 minutes. Carbon Steel and NEVER cast means NEVER experiencing cracked & broken braces on your end-caps again. Features 304L Stainless Steel Housing, Shaft, End-Caps, & Rotors ​ ​ Proprietary Outboard MAP Seal System ​ ​ Piloted Flange Bearings ​ ​ Safety Standard Direct Drive ​ ​ High Temp & I-Alert Ready 1 2 3 Valves with this type of configuration should be in every Ethanol plant, everywhere. Zach B. - Illinois Want to Learn More about the SDO-120 Ethanol Valve? Get a quote online. QUOTE NOW

  • ETHANOL SDO-120 | Rotary Airlock LLC


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